Hui's Danmei Fandom Projects

Danmei Diaspora Resource Archive

If you’ve had problems researching while writing, this project hopes to make it a little easier by collecting and indexing resources in both English and Chinese. Each resource is verified by someone who is at least CN diaspora, which should help with authenticity and accuracy. If you’d like to submit a nomination, request a topic or offer some feedback, you can do so using this google form link.

Cultural References in MDZS

I’m working on a thing where I look up specific references in the Chinese text of MDZS, find its corresponding translation in English and then add a little ditty on the reference with additional links for context! So far the annotation exercise has been great in helping me understand more about the setting, and my knowledge has improved a lot.

Besides these projects, I also do some random meta - I’m working on converting this thread into a series of tumblr posts, so stay tuned!

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